Caregivers Project for Renewal




Caregivers Project for Renewal: Liz Allen   Liz Allen, Course Leader

Liz Allen attended the very first Caregivers Renewal Course in 1989. Inspired by this experience, she subsequently was certified as a Caregivers Course Leader. Ms. Allen holds degrees in Occupational Therapy and a Masters from the University of Kentucky in Education: Curriculum & Instruction/Counseling Psychology. She has been a chaplain since 1996 and was board certified through the National Association of Catholic Chaplains. She has held a faculty position within the Occupational Therapy School at the University of Wisconsin since 1978. Spanning the breadth of nearly four decades, she has committed her life to easing the stress of illness, grief, loss, death and dying. Through her participation in The Caregivers Project, she sees the possibility of Renewal to caregivers as a real and viable gift to all who support people in need.

"My life is lived out of the Promise for ONE WELL WORLD: Freedom, Love, Joy and Possibility abounding for all by the year 2011. I lead the Caregivers Renewal Course as a vehicle toward this promise."