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The Caregivers Renewal Course provides professional and volunteer caregivers with practical, straightforward tools and strategies that effectively overcome the circumstances that impede optimal performance throughout the day. More importantly, the course imparts sound approaches for overcoming the resignation and frustrations that erode the personal inspiration that so many caregivers experience but will not admit.

By the completion of the Caregivers Renewal Course, participants will be able to:

  • Reinterpret the meaning of the problems and upsets of daily life to provide occasions for service, care and self-nurturing;

  •  Generate Renewal for themselves and others regardless of the circumstances;

  • Provide individual support for colleagues, clients, and families who are dealing with issues of burnout.



The two and a half day course is designed to promote Renewal and truly honor the participants. The course unfolds over these days with powerful and resonant work.

The Caregivers Renewal Course provides an atmosphere of "being taken cared of" and allows participants to honor themselves as the people who are providing crucial service to society, friends and family members. The training allows Renewal to take place at the very core of the participant's role as a caregiver.



The participants begin by introducing themselves and sharing their experiences, thoughts and inspirations. This experience formulates new relationships with other participants and creates an atmosphere of safety as the foundation of the course. This introduction is followed by an unforgettable occasion for Renewal where participants are attend a reception held in their honor, marking the service each person has given to his or her community.  The reception includes an explanation of the goals and objectives of the course.


Participants delve into the course model and begin exploring its key concepts with assignments that reinforce the model and occur throughout the day.

The day concludes with a Renewal Process exercise that provides participants experience in using the model in collaboration with another participant.

Since the Caregivers Renewal Course is, at its essence, about Renewal, the day concludes with an invitation for each participant to partake in one of several opportunities to experience Renewal first-hand. These can include bodywork, guided imagery, viewing footage of caregivers in action (Mother Theresa), etc. This allows participants opportunities to experiment with techniques and tools they might never otherwise try or to discover renewing and beneficial activities they may wish to include as daily practices for personal Renewal.


The day begins with course participants gaining mastery of the renewal process. Working in pairs, they ask each other a pre-defined set of questions which allow them to explore the issues that interrupt their daily tasks and derail their personal vision for helping others.

While this exercise may sound simple, the results cannot be dismissed. At this point, the participants fully realize and accept that they have the ability to overcome the unremitting interruptions, both personal and professional, inherent to daily life,  and are now able to renew themselves at any moment. They experience a new sense of power and freedom.

The Caregivers Renewal Course engages in a life-altering exploration of two most pervasive human issues - death and forgiveness that allows participants to see how these issues impact all areas of their lives.

The course concludes with a banquet held at a local restaurant  honoring and celebrating the participants and all they contribute.

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Caregivers Project for Renewal


Provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, The Caregivers Project, Provider #08656 for 20 contact hours; National Board for Certified Counselors (#5374) for 20 contact hours.

National Board of Certified Counselors