Caregivers Project for Renewal




Founded in 198
9, THE CAREGIVERS PROJECT is a not-for-profit training and empowerment resource providing programs and services that restore inspiration and fulfillment for all people who dedicate their lives in the service of giving care to those in need.

We provide workshops to social workers, counselors, nurses, doctors, teachers, emotional and physical support volunteers, hospital and agency administrators and trainers, among others.

Renewal is not an event. It is a state in which one lives. 


Caregivers Project for Renewal

When Renewal is readily accessible, work is rewarding and gratifying. The remarkable commitment of care giving is a nurturing dedication, rather than burdensome and draining.

With the tools provided by THE CAREGIVERS PROJECT, more is accomplished in less time and without the sacrifice of vital relationships with patients, co-workers, and relatives. Instead of merely providing a refuge, family, friends, and colleagues naturally become advocates in the fulfillment of a Caregivers life.

The principle focus and original intent of THE CAREGIVERS PROJECT was to provide Renewal to Caregivers of AIDS patients. When it became clear that the issue of burnout was more prevalent than previously realized, we quickly expanded our mission to include all Caregivers within the medical vocation.  

Caregivers Project for Renewal  Caregivers Project for Renewal  Caregivers Project for Renewal

Over the years, hundreds of professionals and volunteers who participated in the CAREGIVERS RENEWAL COURSE have reported that its tools and techniques have made a positive, measurable impact on their private lives, reaching out beyond the intended sphere of their professional responsibilities.

Renewal offers more than a cure for burnout, but is an extraordinary opportunity for fulfillment and joy throughout every moment of life.

Caregivers Project for Renewal